Calling all Brits and Americans – Thinking of retiring to Canada?

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I’m troubled by the recent UK vote as well as the upcoming US vote. I’m sure there will be many people in the UK who are overjoyed with the recent results and the US with their upcoming results; however, I’m also sure there will be equally as many people who are deeply concerned with the outcomes. Concerned enough to consider emigrating to, what I believe to be, the best country in the world, Canada.

In many cases, the best thing those people can do is stay home and try to fix their country; however, I understand that that may seem like a huge, thankless, uphill battle. So if you are considering coming to Canada I may have something of interest to you. I just published a book that deals with retirement; and for the most part it deals with retirement from a Canadian’s perspective (mine). The main points of the book are that just being financially fit is not enough. You also need to be physically fit and emotionally fit as well to enjoy a healthy, satisfying retirement. And without all three fitnesses your retirement may not be everything you could hope for.

I didn’t write the book to specifically encourage people to move to Canada to retire; but, while the book concentrates on retirement issues, I approach things from a Canadian point of view. That is, I believe that while the advice given in the book is equally relevant for retirees in the UK and the US as it is in Canada, you will also get a bit of Canadian flavour with it that just might help you understand a bit more about Canada. So while you are doing your research about moving here, if you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s and considering retiring to Canada, you might want to grab a copy of my book by clicking this link.

Oh yes, if you do decide to move here, I live in Kitchener, Ontario and I’d be happy to show you around my city.

KidsAbility Donation

It is official, the numbers are in and all accounted for and I’m very happy to say that thanks to great sales at the book launch last Monday evening we are donating $150.00 to KidsAbility ( in gratitude for all of your support.

And while I have your attention, allow me to thank everyone again who helped out to make it a very successful evening, and to all those who attended.

This is what retirement’s all about, following your dreams and enjoying life.

What a night! Retire Fit, Fit & Fit is successfully launched. When I started this journey almost 2 years ago, I could never have imagined last night.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out for my book launch. Your support and kind words just filled me up so much I may never feel empty again. What a wonderful feeling to see so many of my friends chatting and enjoying the company of others.

No matter where my book goes from here, best seller or remainder bin, last night was the highlight. I truly hope you enjoy reading it and you find it to be useful in preparing for your retirement.

A special thanks to everyone who pitched in to help last night: Anne, Pat, Fred, Brenda, Ted, Diana and Dalin. You all made the evening so much easier for us to enjoy – Thanks.

A very special thanks to Rose. I could never have done this without you!

What Will I Do With My Retirement?

Recently, I was talking with two close friends, Mork and Mindy (not their real names in case you’re wondering) who have set their retirement dates for later this year. They’re both excited and oh-so-ready to stop working and start playing. But they haven’t quite figured out what their new life will look like.

Mork, who has been a super Type-A for all of his life, knows he will sort out what he’ll do once he retires. He feels he has lots of time for figuring out what he’ll do in his retirement once the time comes and, quite frankly, he still has lots to do to finish up his work life. I’m sure he will succeed as he has always been internally driven to set and meet his self-imposed goals.

Mindy thinks she wants to be busy, but like Mork, hasn’t defined what she’ll focus on once she stops working.  The trouble is, while she is fairly motivated when given a task or goal, she isn’t the Type-A that Mork is. That is, left to her own devices, she sometimes finds that she has frittered away an entire day watching TV or playing a computer game. Not that there is anything wrong with these pastimes on occasion but soon, very soon, she will have 40+ hours a week that she has to fill with something. I think she is a bit overwhelmed by all the choice and the fact that her retirement has become all too real.

So yes, they are both financially fit as well as physically fit. However, in my opinion neither has planned for their emotional fitness. I have no doubt that Mork will decide on something to do and will throw all his energy into it – he has the habits and the drive to do so; but, how many Morks do you know? I know just a few. Most of the people I know are Mindys and for this particular Mindy, I’m concerned that she has left her Emotional Fitness a bit too late.  Her days might become very, very long once her initial “Yay, I’m not working!” euphoria wears off.

They both recognize that they’ll no longer have goals and commitments set by others (their boss, clients or co-workers) and in this new stage of life, they will be in control of their choices and their goals. But they will need to be driven by their internal interests and needs to make sure they have a reason and purpose in their lives.

If you’re getting close to your retirement date, are you ready to be the driver of your daily life? If you’re one of those Type-A’s who have always been internally driven then taking control of your personal life is a natural step. If though, you’ve been best at responding to goals set by others, then you’re now entering a stage where those daily and yearly plans need to come from yourself. Start your planning now, to give meaning and purpose to your life during your retirement years.