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About Howard Pell

Who is Howard Pell?

I am not a lawyer, but I know enough to ask a lawyer’s advice. I am not a financial advisor, but I know enough to ask a financial advisor’s advice. I am not an accountant, nor am I a nutritionist, and heaven knows I am not a personal fitness coach. There are many experts in the retirement field, and I am not one of them — I’m just a regular guy who retired. However, having just been through the transition from working to playing, and with the experience still fresh in my mind, I wrote this book with the hope that it will give you the background you need for a successful transition into this new phase of your life.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada just a stone’s throw from Kensington Market. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I heard the “drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll” mantra quite a bit. It sounded like a great idea; and it was. After high school I kicked around until I “discovered” computers in 1980. I also found I had a bit of a talent for teaching, so after my undergrad and masters degrees in Computer Science at the University of Guelph I taught Computer Science at the University of Waterloo for a number of years before joining OpenText where I spent the next 20 years teaching our customers and programmers about OpenText software products.

In my early 20’s I joined the Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) and have enjoyed Service ever since. I am very active with the Rotary Club of Kitchener and with Rotary District 7080 where I chair the Training Committee.

After almost 30 years of writing training manuals I discovered that I could actually write prose. Six months after I retired, my wife and I spent two weeks at an all-inclusive, adult-only resort in Mexico. I loaded my iPad with trashy novels for some good beach reading, but after a couple of days I was restless. I had Pages on my iPad and started writing instead of reading. My thought was to write a few paragraphs for my friends about what I learned about retirement. Before I knew it, I’d written 20 pages and still had more to say. When we got home I passed it around to my friends and they encouraged me to keep going. About a year later, the result is my first book Retire, Fit, Fit & Fit.

I’m currently living the dream in Kitchener, Ontario with my wife.

Why I wrote this book

Having read many retirement self-help books in the run up to my own recent retirement I felt there was a need to net it all out and bring it all together in one place and to eliminate what I considered dross. There were too many books that feel like they were written by an expert writing a book using their technical knowledge but not their first-hand experiential knowledge. In addition, so many books concentrate only on financial fitness and completely ignore physical and emotional fitness. So I decided to put it all together in one volume, only the good stuff, only the stuff you need to prepare yourself. This book contains my thoughts on retirement based on my own experience.