Today is the second anniversary of my retirement. Two years ago was the first day of my retirement and my wife and I got into my Miata, put the top down (even though it was cool and damp, just like today) and headed South. Well not too far South. We got all the way to Port Dover and had a great Perch lunch and then headed West. All the way to Port Burwell where we were stunned to see a submarine on dry land. We had a great tour of the sub and then on to Port Stanley where we found a great B&B for the night. What a wonderful way to start my retirement. And best of all, the trip was part of the plan (the sub was a bonus) – yes we both love Port Dover and had planned a little road trip as my retirement kick-off.

Looking back over two years I’m very satisfied with how my retirement plans are unfolding. I envisioned a retirement with lots of travel, community service and time with friends and family. We’ve done some local travel, travel to B.C., and a Mexico and two Spain trips. I’ve created a number of videos promoting Rotary and am working on a couple more right now. We’ve spent a lot of time with friends and family. There were a couple of surprises and for the most part they were small; however, the big surprise for me, and most people who know me, is that I’ve written a book. I expect the final proof from the printer this week and then it is ready for sale. In case I haven’t mentioned it to you, or you haven’t visited my web site, my book is Retire Fit, Fit & Fit: Become Financially, Physically and Emotionally Fit.

I know you are probably planning for the financial aspect of your retirement, but are you also planning for the physical and emotional aspects? Read more about my book on my website

So! What are you going to do on the first day of your retirement? The first month and the first year?