In six weeks we celebrate the second anniversary of my retirement. The time has just flown, but we have not squandered it. We’ve travelled quite a bit, I’ve made a number of videos, spent some quality time with family and friends; and I’ve written a book on retirement. As I write this, we’re on a train from Sevilla to Cadiz in southern Spain on week two of a six-week tour of this beautiful area and Rose and I were doing a little check-in to see how we feel about our retirement plans.

We did a lot of planning before I retired and so far we’ve kept pretty close to those plans. We’re considering some minor changes as well as thinking about when Rose might retire, but generally we are on target. While we reviewed where we are in the plan, we also discussed the possibility of one of us deviating from our plan and how that might affect the other person. You can think of all sorts of possible scenarios. What if we had planned for lots of travel, but then I found out on our first trip that I really was more of a homebody? What if we had planned the opposite where we were going to retire to the country and raise chickens, but after a year my wife was bored to tears with rural life (Green Acres hmmm)?

Thankfully this hasn’t happened to us, but we talked about the possibility in the future, and of course, for other couples just retired. The only suggestion we came up with is for you to communicate with your partner. While we know that men are not the best communicators, retired couples with at least one man, really need a periodic check in to see where you both are. Be honest with yourself and each other. Are you both still committed to the plans you drew up one or two years ago? Do you want some minor changes? Do you want some major changes? How might these changes affect each other? You have a long retired life ahead and spending it together, doing the things you love is the main goal. So check in every now and again to ensure you’re both still on track, rather than avoiding the chat and having your retirement years pass by in a wave of frustration and regret.