Jubilado y viviendo el sueño: Retired and living the dream. Our dream.

We’ve been in Spain for the past six weeks, not so much as tourists (although we have done some sightseeing) but more to see what it would be like to retire here. The more we travel, and the more retirees we meet, the more committed I am to the three fitnesses, and the happier I am that Rose and I took our own advice to get Fit, Fit and Fit.

Yes, we are Financially Fit for our retirement, we saved and invested carefully and so our money worries are not that great for what we’ve chosen to do. Our Emotional Fitness took a bit more work to gain. What were we going to do in our retirement? Neither of us watches TV so hours of jeopardy reruns or bingeing on seasons of House were definitely out. For us it is humanitarian service, writing, genealogy, videography, photography and extended travel. And finally, but perhaps most importantly is our Physical Fitness to do all these things. We realize that we need to continue to work on that Fitness, and that at some point it will become more challenging.  All the more reason to not delay those dreams that require high levels of Physical Fitness. We’re heading home tomorrow to a Canadian spring (snow in the forecast) and to pick up the first complete proof of my book. I’m truly excited about having completed the book and still a bit nervous about the launch. And don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as it is ready.

And yes, I could live here in Spain (my Spanish needs a lot of work, but I am improving) and while I love the weather here in the South (low to mid 20s every day) it might be a bit warm in the summer. Rose loves it here too, but would miss her friends, and I concur. You’d all just have to come and visit us.