Retire Fit, Fit & Fit

Become Financially, Physically and Emotionally Fit

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What People Are Saying

Retire Fit, Fit & Fit by Howard Pell goes well beyond financial advice to help you avoid all those apocryphal stories of retirements gone bad.  Emotional and physical fitness, as well as financial fitness, are key to enjoying life after work. Don’t wait until retirement is imminent before you pick up this book and start planning!

Charlene Zietsma

PhD, Associate Professor and Ann Brown Chair, Organization Studies, Schulich School of Business, York University

A must read for anybody who is thinking about retirement. A true guide for the finance professionals dealing with clients to better understand the emotional aspects of clients transitioning to retirement

André Kent

Vice President, Investment Advisor

Well said Howard! Thank you for being one of the few authors to make the Fit Fit Fit connection! A very easy read with an important message. Keep your fitness a priority and you will enjoy a rich and rewarding retirement.

Missy Gore

Personal Trainer

Retirement fitnesses at their best! Exactly the right focus at the right time!

Louise Gardiner

Senior Director Operations and Product Solutions North America

You know that retirement is coming. It isn’t as though it just shows up one day and takes you by surprise, so you need to get ready for it; and Fit, Fit & Fit is the book to help you.

Anne Wilbee

Chief Operating Officer

It’s about so much more than just having the money to retire. This book helps guide you through the important steps to get you there

Linda J. Gallivan

Associate Investment Advisor

While there are lots of books out there offering pre-retirement financial advice, I found that this book offers a more holistic view of all of the factors which need to be considered. You can have lots of money and still have a miserable retirement if your planning exercise is too narrowly constructed.

Maureen Nummelin

Chief Ethics Officer

There are diet books, financial books, or exercise books but Howard Pell will get you fit, fit, fit for retirement in all three areas.

Marilyn Book

Library Technician