When I’m alone they come to me
Drinking coffee or drinking tea
A purring cat upon my knee
          That’s when they come near

The characters live in my book
This writing task I’ve undertook
Talk loud! My ears won’t overlook
          Speak so I may hear

They talk to me and no one else
They talk of heavens and of hells
I bask in tales of sights and smells
          Whisper in my ear

Their drama, lives, their joys and pains
Their comforts, fears, stress and strains
They weep of losses, cheer at gains
          Stay true, yet sincere

In the silence of my workroom
Am I writer? Do I presume?
Am I me or my nom de plume?
          Pacify my fear

Write it in my book. Their story
They soothe, confess, curse and worry.
“Softly” she said, “Damn it!” swore he
          Closer please, draw near

Long time no see — tell me what’s new
Dragons we slay, feelings subdue
A soft knock. “May I disturb you?”
          Boom! They disappear.