Hi, I’m Howard

Welcome to my corner of the internet! 

I wrote my first non-fiction book to help people with their retirement. Retire Fit, Fit and Fit shows the reader all the things I wish I had known before my own retirement. Not just financial, but physical and emotional fitness are the keys to a satisfying retirement.

My second book, Retire Fit with S.A.F.E. Workouts is for those people who want to get physically fit quickly to do specific activities in their retirement.

My first novel Lives Lived is a coming-of-age story about a man and his five-year-old daughter.

I also write short stories, award winning poetry, and am currently working on my second novel.

When I’m not writing, I travel the world, work actively with my local Rotary Club, and promote Flamenco dancing and culture. I organize writers retreats and networks, and you can also find me teaching writers how to optimize their digital workflows

I currently enjoy living in and exploring Waterloo region with my wife Rosemary.



My Characters

When I'm alone they come to meDrinking coffee or drinking teaA purring cat upon my knee          That's when they come near The characters live in my bookThis writing task I've undertookTalk loud! My ears won't overlook          Speak so I may hear They talk to me and...

Donate Blood

It's only a little bloodI ask you to donate,The need for blood is always thereSome people just can't wait. Trauma, disease and cancer tooSo many reasons to give,Mothers, fathers, boys and girlsNeed your blood to live. So book online, it's very fastI hope these words...

Bird’s Feet

Fragile feet on iceNo feathers to warm their toesWonders of nature © Howard Pell 2020. This work is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license. 

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves, death throesGolden sobs, Crimson lamentsSaffron wails and tears © Howard Pell 2020. This work is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license. 

RECENTShort Stories


José was an old man. His head was bald and his skin was wrinkled and tanned from decades of sun. He shuffled along slowly, his back was bent, forcing him to look down, never straight ahead. His clothes were made of the best quality materials and were well-tailored;...

I Could Eat

Faigel rarely laughed. She envied those who did. Why were large people like Santa and Winnie the Pooh always portrayed as being jolly? And her, skinny as a rail all her life was never jolly. She didn't suspect, but at lunch today she would be jolly and she would...

5 Tests to Love

Summer 1975. I was nervous meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time. They lived a considerable distance away and I was to spend the night. Ma was happy because her daughter was happy. Pa was more protective of his youngest of four, and like some mythical...


Lives Lived